“If you think compliance is expensive – try non-compliance.”

- Paul McNulty


The mineral inventory is widely considered the foundation of a company's value.  The resource and reserves then, which are based on that inventory, form the pillars of your business plan. It's no surprise then, that the reporting of this information is considered a critical business function. One that warrants dedicated efforts to ensure reporting governance secures that value.

Accurate and timely reporting and management of your resource and reserve matters to your board, investors and the market. It is a key indicator of your mining company’s future value. If the numbers are not reliable, your business will suffer and your investors will lose faith. 

Regulator is a tool that allows your corporate head office to take control of the reporting governance information flow. It gives you a repeatable process for collecting, storing, preparing and reporting resource and reserve information across all your assets, irrespective of commodity, location or your share in ownership. Built on our expertise of the reporting requirements and using advanced data management software, Regulator keeps the process simple, transparent and robust.

After more than 25 years of advising companies on this issue, we completely understand the difficulties in ensuring this information is properly reported. So, we’ve built in the best reporting practices, used by the top companies we have worked with around the world, to embed this into your business. Regulator gives you confidence in a process you can use every year to collate and report your resource and reserve information. 

Driving governance into your resource and reserve reporting, Regulator helps you protect your business and your reputation.

  • Manage locally, access globally
  • Multi-jurisdictional reporting
  • Best practice reporting enabled through an interactive tile-based design allows for reporting criteria to be entered easily and quickly. Reports generated can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Word or Adobe Acrobat
  • Audit trail for Resources and Reserves
  • Declaration Details highlight progress, approval requirements, and include ability to attach supporting documentation
  • Version control
  • Approval hierarchy and workflow
  • Notification panel ensure everyone is aware of the progress of a declaration and the next step

Corporate Declaration Dashboard

Meeting reporting deadlines is always a challenge. Regulator uses an interactive Corporate Dashboard displaying the status of all declarations to highlight which are active, healthy, at risk or have breached deadlines. This leaves you in no doubt where to invest additional attention, manage the information flow and deliver confidence that you'll meet those deadlines.

Corporate Dashboards
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