Reconcilor Enquiry

Thank you for enquiring about Reconcilor. It’s important that we understand your requirements better in order to develop an appropriate costing for you.

An implementation of Reconcilor, whether on a mine site or corporate scale, typically consists of two stages: Licensing and Implementation. As shown on the Pricing and Plans section, licensing Reconcilor is available on subscription or perpetual terms, designed to suit the changing needs of the market and your specific preference. Both provide you with the ability to use Reconcilor to improve the performance of your mining operation. During the Implementation stage, Snowden configures Reconcilor to match your operational requirements and implements the system on the agreed infrastructure.

With our latest version of Reconcilor (Rec8), and subject to your requirements of course, we’re able to have you using the system within a 3 month period.

In order to provide you with more accurate costing information, please complete the form below. Once submitted we will be in touch shortly to discuss your needs and define the next steps.