"Reconciliation is a bit like sex. Everyone thinks about it, many talk about it, most people do it, but only a select few ever arrive at the point where the results are remarkable. However, this does not need to be the case. Significant results can be achieved at most operations within one year of putting a system in place."

- Morley and Moller, 2005


Through necessity for survival, the mining industry has recently moved from a focus on investment to a focus on productivity. Getting more out of what you have, is rapidly becoming the mantra for most mining operations, worldwide. While productivity improvements can be gained through expert observation of your operating design and policy, this will only get you so far.

Without a system that tracks your performance in multiple dimensions (time, space, information) the improvements will be limited and difficult to sustain. In addition, any system needs to provide you with important insights across your whole value chain. Reconcilor is that system. It integrates data from geology, mine planning, mine operations, processing plant and downstream processes such as transport & shipping, to provide a comprehensive platform for analysing your operational performance. Deviations between models and plans are highlighted in an interactive dashboard using Reconcilor’s standard KPI system. This means managers both on site and at head office have early warning and can take action.

What makes Reconcilor unique is that it does not just show you what is wrong; it helps guide you in improving your operations. It does this by using a built-in knowledge base accessible from every screen, automatically adjusting its content based on what you are trying to achieve. Reconcilor is a sophisticated intelligence solution that gives you multiple opportunities to maximise your mineral recovery, improve plant efficiency, reduce costs and increase your profits. You get a complete picture of your mine operation. This perspective allows you to confidently manage what’s coming out of the ground and control the whole mine value chain through to final product loaded onto ships or presented to the market.

  • Reconcilor drives operational improvement through systematic, rigorous best-practice reconciliation across your mining chain.
  • Embed Snowden's mining and reconciliation expertise into your operation.
  • Isolate issues and act to deliver improvements and maximise your mineral inventory.
  • Build confidence in meeting your production guidance.


The performance of your operation presented in a dashboard of key metrics, effectively displaying areas in need of attention. The Continuum screen guides you to dive deeper into your data, exploring the root cause for reported discrepancies.

Continuum Screen


  • Access to Reconcilor Operational Improvement system
  • Monthly payments or custom-payment plans available
  • Access to Snowden Support Desk and expert domain assistance
  • Unlimited users can access the system
  • Free Reconcilor upgrades for duration of your term
  • On-premise or cloud-hosted implementations available
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System Requirements

Below are the minimum specifications for a deployment of Reconcilor.

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