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Establishing a robust data health and validation process is a key component to producing a high quality report, instilling confidence in results presented to management and shareholders.

Prior to evaluating a model or mine plans performance against actual material mined or produced, it is imperative that all data has been validated and “speaking the same language”, comprising a standard location hierarchy adopted across departments.

With mine plan compliance in front of mind, Snowden’s Reconcilor 8 has been developed using an automated suite of business rules applied to imported data enabling confidence in the data and providing a means to compare data across all sectors of the mine value chain with ease and speed.  Reconcilor triggers alerts on a variety of data issues and will categorise them in severity and displays a trend chart which we will show in the accompanying video.

To set the scene for the data presented in the video, we have imported a number of mine plans, models, haulage, processing control points and survey data.

When data is imported into Reconcilor 8, there is a two stage validation process.  Let’s begin our demonstration where this validation process begins – specifically in the system health tiles.

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