Would you build a house without following a plan?

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Would you build a house without following a plan?

Then why would you mine a resource without following the plan?  There is much more at stake, right?  Promises made to investors that the targets will be met should ensure everyone on site follows the plan, whether it’s the original or an updated version.  Failure to blend ore as planned can also impact your life of mine and leave you with ore that cannot be processed.

Let’s assume you are following the plan, how easily can you:

  1. Compare mine production (tonnes, grade and metal) against any or all plans
  2. Store multiple mine plan types and versions for comparison against mining
  3. Compare mining and planning for a specific metric (i.e. Stockpiling)
  4. Look for trends in mine plan performance over time, location or metric

Reconcilor ensures that mine plans are front and foremost in all mining and trends analysis so that you will always know how well you have followed the plan.

If you would like to see how mine plans are incorporated into Reconcilor, contact us at snowden@snowdengroup.com.


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