Is the thought of Digital Transformation overwhelming to you?

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Is the thought of Digital Transformation overwhelming to you?

If so, you are not alone. Many business managers have heard much about how they need to “digitally transform” and other related buzz words. But often this will be outside of their area of expertise, having developed a career through domain understanding and people management. The thought of having to be a technology expert as well, in order to keep up, is quite daunting. So, if this is you, we want to ease your fears, and give you a path forward that is achievable and leverages the vast knowledge you have of your business.

Firstly, digital transformation is not about technology, it’s about action. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Technology for the sake of technology is not particularly useful. Technology, when it is designed with action and impact in mind, is a powerful thing.

Secondly, remember, unless your technology is automating something, it is not directly adding value. The value is only added by assisting people to do something different; to take a different action. This is the crux of the matter.

Thirdly, you do not need to have an in-depth knowledge of technology to get started. You simply need a list of actions you would like your business, or your team members – actual humans – to take. Brainstorm and fill in the following gaps:

“In order to ….(IMPACT) I need to … (ACTION)”

“In order to … (ACTION) I need to know …. (INFORMATION)”

Note that none of these questions require you to be up to date on the latest digital technologies. They simply require the understanding of business processes and strategies: the need for action and impact, all things that should be well within the knowledge of you, as a capable business manager.

Once you have a populated list of these items, you can then engage with experts in digital technologies to understand what is required to drive these actions and impacts, and put in place an action plan for implementation.

Finally, you don’t have to bite off everything at once. Many people will tell you that you need to invest in expensive infrastructure and services prior to embarking on your digital transformation; costing you time and money. There is another, more effective, way. A “small projects” strategy where you start with a small project and make it successful. This project will lead to demand from your business for other projects and the aggregation of projects across business units and sites with similar problems and opportunities.

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