Local Topcut Transition Modelling – Improving estimates by “going local”

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Every block estimated in a model is independent of every other block estimate and each block should be estimated with the best possible configuration of samples and the most reasonable topcut. Snowden’s Supervisor software provides tools that ensure that each block is estimated with the best possible combination of parameters (LKNO) as well as the most reasonable LOCAL topcut (local transition topcut model).

Supervisor v8.12 release

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In this version we have expanded the “going local” approach to optimising estimation which was introduced in v8.11 through LKNO and provided a unique solution that allows you to examine the effect of topcutting local samples on a per block basis.

Supervisor v8.11 release

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Local Kriging Neighbourhood Optimisation (LKNO) and Local Top-cutting are both included in the new release of Supervisor (v8.11),

Supervisor v8.9.0 release

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Snowden is pleased to announce the latest release of Supervisor (v8.9.0). This release includes enhancements to the contact analysis feature, flexible licence management capabilities, access to our knowledge base and support desk directly through Supervisor. It also includes a significant performance boost to KNA processing, decreasing processing times by up to 60% in some cases.

Supervisor v8.8.2 – minor release highlights

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The latest version of Snowden’s Geostatistical software, Supervisor, is now available. Version 8.8.2 is a minor release containing several user-requested enhancements, including the ability to export multiple variogram models in a generic format, adjust font sizes in box & whisker charts and automatically position the legend in model validation plots to avoid overlap.