EOM Spreadsheets

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We have seen some AMAZING excel spreadsheets in our travels with some equally amazing macros providing the basis for reconciliation reporting in our industry. But what happens when the owner leaves, the macros break or you simply have a complex orebody or a long mine life?

10 minutes with Snowden’s Rayleen Hargreaves, Product Owner – Reconcilor

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Rayleen is a mining geologist with over 20 years’ experience in the mineral resource industry and has been with Snowden for 12 years in various roles. After working in technical geological fields, Rayleen is now leveraging off her strong geological domain expertise and applying it to mining software as the Product Owner of Snowden’s Reconcilor product.

Stop using fudge factors in your planning

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The use of fudge factors to hide differences between the planned and actual production may be easy but it is also value destroying. This is why we developer Reconcilor to isolate variations to plan so that you can act on them in order to plan with greater confidence.