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The latest version of Supervisor (Version 8.9.0) is now available for users to download.  In it we have included enhancements to the Contact Analysis feature making it easier to use and far nicer to look at!  We’ve also built in more flexible licence management capability, so licence owners can match specific default behaviour for each user listed on their licence.  In addition, we’ve provided a direct link to our growing knowledge library where you’ll find answers to many FAQs – it’s also where you log tickets now, so no need to use emails anymore.  We’ve also delivered a significant performance boost to the KNA processing, decreasing processing times by up to 60% in some cases.

All of this is in direct response to the suggestions and feedback we’ve received from you through recent surveys and our LinkedIn Forum.  Thank you!

Eligible Supervisor users can access the upgrade through their Snowden Account.

New improved Contact Analysis

The existing Contact Analysis feature (left image, below) provided users with the ability to visually inspect the grade differential across a contact.  The new version (right image, below) provides far greater flexibility to analyse the merits of every contact in your dataset. 

Simply specify the contacts you want to analyse and the enhanced version rapidly delivers you with numerous options to explore the statistics for each domain, display mean & median grade trend lines, adjust the number of bins to use each side of the contact, alter the distance away from the contact to analyse, toggle the sample count columns on/off as well as the raw sample data points.  The new version even suggests a boundary type for you to consider (No Boundary, Soft Boundary, Hard Boundary) in defining the appropriate treatment during resource estimation.  All this information is easily configurable and can be exported in tabular format for downstream processing as required.

With these enhancements, hopefully you’re in a better position to justify the nature of the contacts / boundaries used in your resource estimate.

Contact Analysis Features
Existing Contact Analysis feature (left) and new version (right)

Configuring default licence check in/out behaviour

Licence owners now have the ability to select default licence check in/out behaviour for all users listed on their licence. 

Historically, Supervisor’s default configuration has been to keep licences checked out when the application is closed.  This effectively safe-guarded users who needed Supervisor when they were out in the field and out of internet connectivity.  In our changing times though, especially with FIFO a large part of today’s mining industry, demand has grown to allow more flexibility in this approach.

This version of Supervisor now supports Primary Users setting the default condition for each user with access to the licence. 

Manage user screen
Managing user conditions

Supervisor’s new knowledge library and Support Portal

Time is of the essence more than ever it seems.  This means that access to the information you need, when you need it, is invaluable. 

That’s why we’ve invested in delivering you direct access to our knowledge!  You can now access our Support Portal directly through Supervisor, where you will find all manner of information, quick tips and video tutorials.  It also includes an easy to use portal to log your support tickets.  Zendesk powers this new capability and provides us with an easy and extendable platform to continue to meet this growing need for information.

Accessing Support Portal through Supervisor
Support Portal access in Supervisor
Snowden Support Portal
Snowden Support Portal

The power to be faster

The ability to do the same task faster is always good – as long as quality is not compromised!  We’ve been looking to improve the performance of various parts of Supervisor processing this year, and we’re particularly happy to announce significant improvements in the area of KNA processing.  Using several variable sized datasets and many laptops / computers with differing configurations, we’ve seen reduction in the time for KNA processing by between 30 and 60%!  This is an excellent result and one we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

What’s better, is that this is only the start.  As you know, we’re planning to release Conditional Simulation capability later this year, so we’ll be locking in as many processing improvements as possible to ensure that capability squarely hits the mark. 

Eligible Supervisor users can access the upgrade through their Snowden Account.

To learn more about Supervisor and purchase options please visit our Supervisor page

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