Supervisor v8.9.0.2 release

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Snowden is pleased to announce the release of Supervisor (v8.9.0.2), which includes minor patches to a few known issues. We resolved the problem users were experiencing when attempting to change the displayed ‘units’ in some charts, also with the incorrect sorting of samples when running single block KNA. An issue with cross-validation has been resolved and contact analysis now prompts users to nominate a drillhole (identifier) column field when importing. With that out now, we’re back into utilising conditional simulation to drive new features in the CYQ3 release. Happy geostats!

Note that existing KNA block size components in a project will need to be recalculated due to the change relating to the display of length units. Block size scenarios will now display as X x Y x Z (e.g. 10 x 20 x 5) rather than Xm x Ym x Zm (e.g. 10m x 20m x 5m).

Eligible Supervisor users can access the upgrade through their Snowden Account.

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