Supervisor v8.8.2 – minor release highlights

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The latest version of Supervisor (Version 8.8.2) is now available for users to download. It is a minor release containing several requested enhancements, each outlined below, as well as fixes for some Windows 10 users with changing colours, model validation plots not honouring the domain/assay grouping, and a minor issue with the display of the contact analysis information.

Exporting multiple variograms in generic format

Users now have the ability to select multiple variogram models and export these into a generic format for use in other systems. The process is as easy as selecting the models you need, using the Ctrl or Shift keys to make multiple selections, right clicking to access the Export function, and selecting Generic Variogram Table (*.csv) from the drop down list:

Exporting multiple variograms

Font sizes can be changed in B&W plots

In some circumstances, the default font size shown in Box & Whisker plots was too small. We’ve now added the ability for you to alter this to suit your requirements.

Changing Font size

Other enhancements

Several other minor enhancements have been included in this release. These include adding a scroll bar to the parameter panel shown on the right hand side of some screens (KNA for example). This specifically allows users with lower screen resolutions to access the full feature-set in those panels:

Added scroll bar

We’ve also automatically positioned the legend box shown on the model validation trend plots so that, if possible, it doesn’t overlap with the data, or the axes shown. Users still have the ability to manually move the legend as required – the change was intended to remove the need to do this so often.

Legend box positioning

We’ve also enhanced the display options of the block model tonnes/volume in the model validation trend plots to allow the user to edit the colour of the lines.

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