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We are excited to announce the latest release of Supervisor (v8.12).  In this version we have expanded the “going local” approach to optimising estimation which was introduced in v8.11 through LKNO and provided a unique solution that allows you to examine the effect of topcutting local samples on a per block basis. In addition to other new functionality there are also some notable enhancements to the LKNO as well as bug fixes.

New functionality

  • Predicted grade tonnage curve allows you to quickly generate grade tonnage curves at any given block size without the need to import a block model. View the video here.
  • Local transition topcut modelling allows you to apply a topcut to each sample according to its distance from the block centroid and ensures areas supported by several higher grade samples are not unfairly overly downgraded by a global topcut.  Click here to find out more.  
  • Global topcut analysis allows you to examine your data using different graphs to identify the extreme high grades. A different topcut value can be set on each graph and the impact on the data statistics assessed. 

Notable enhancements

  • There have been several enhancements to the LKNO including the ability to optimise on the sum of negative weights as well as using the topcut defined by the global topcut analysis or the local topcut transition model.  These enhancements mean that any existing LKNO will need to be updated.
  • Back transform values are now reported to more than 2 decimal places which means that data with very low variance can be exported directly from Supervisor without the need to manually calculate them.
  • The declustering process now runs if the loaded data includes a density mapped field.

Click here for a full run down on what’s new

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