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“Superboss Day” is held to fundraise for Heartkids, a charity that supports children affected by congenital heart defects and their families when they need some extra support. To raise money for Heartkids, Vanessa O'Toole, one of Snowden’s Senior Consultants, nominated the Snowden ‘bosses’ to host a morning tea dressed as superheroes. Vanessa organised the Superboss-Superhero morning tea in memory of her niece, Ruby. The Snowden team went all out to support Vanessa and a good laugh was had by all. More importantly the generosity of the Snowden and Downer Mining West team resulted in significant donations. If you would like to contribute, below is a link to the fundraising site set up by Vanessa.


Pictured left to right; Kath McGuckin, Jess Maddren, John Hearne and Vanessa O'Toole


Tarrant Elkington joined us via video

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