Snowden launches Supervisor 8.3.1 providing interoperability with Leapfrog Geo 2.1.

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Snowden is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Leapfrog to provide interoperability with Supervisor, combining these two world leading geological modelling and analysis software packages.

Supervisor 8.3.1 combines the confidence of geostatistical analysis with the speed and power of the Leapfrog engine for grade interpolation. Snowden Supervisor and Leapfrog have partnered together so that variograms can be modelled in Snowden Supervisor using Leapfrog Spheroidal variogram structures. These models can be output in Leapfrog format and loaded directly into an interpolant model in Leapfrog Geo.

Shaun Maloney, ARANZ Geo’s CEO says “There’s great synergy with our software, we both put a real emphasis on innovation and crafting our software interface to ensure it is intuitive and well thought out. Combining the power of the Leapfrog engine with the confidence that Snowden Supervisor offers gives our users a clearer understanding of the deposit and improves accuracy, for greater resource recovery and ultimately more revenues.”

David Cormack, Snowden’s CEO agrees, “we are excited about the synergy that is created in bringing together two innovative, user friendly software packages to improve productivity by allowing quick, efficient and accurate analysis of a deposit.”

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