Reconcilor 8 – Easily identify under or over depletions at a mining block level

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Snowden’s Reconcilor 8 product team are constantly combining great ideas that our clients put forward along with enhancements to existing performance and features. This ensures that Reconcilor remains at the leading edge of innovating reconciliation solutions.

In the latest Reconcilor release, we have included a dedicated Survey vs Haulage screen within the Mining Analysis hub. The screen allows users to easily identify how a mining block is performing relative to survey and haulage, with the ability to roll up to any location level for comparisons. This gives transparency and confidence in your data and allows opportunity of early intervention when trends in over or under depletion are identified.

Reconcilor has proven to be the preferred technology choice for reconciliation amongst global mining houses. The latest release ensures it maintains its ease of usability, quality control of data and intelligent data analysis structure.

Other key features for this release include:

  • Configurable Continuum dashboard, where the performance of your operation is presented using Reconcilor’s standard metrics, highlighting areas in need of attention. Actual numbers are now shown on each mine value chain tile and the comparisons can be read from a mining perspective or from a model perspective.
  • The ability to select how your mine will rescale raw material movement numbers to better reflect the confidence of the data perceived on site; surveyed measures and/or plant weightometers. Reconcilor will never replace a raw number; it will carry a reconciled set of data allowing comparisons between raw and reconciled (rescaled) at any stage of the mine value chain.

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