Project Planning “Those that fail to plan, plan to fail”

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Part 2 of our Project Management series, first published by Snowden in 2010, focuses on the importance of planning in a successful project. We have decided to republish this series to show that whilst technology has advanced, basic principles and processes are just as important when ensuring project success.

The Project Management Corner Series – Part 1

Sn0wdenadminTechnical Articles

In 2010/11, Snowden ran a series of articles in our newsletter on Project Management. The focus of the series was to illustrate the practical use of project management processes, tools, and skills to achieve project success. We have decided to share this series with you as a reminder that whilst the tools and technologies may advance, the basic principles of project management will always remain the same.

Supervisor v8.8.2 – minor release highlights

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The latest version of Snowden’s Geostatistical software, Supervisor, is now available. Version 8.8.2 is a minor release containing several user-requested enhancements, including the ability to export multiple variogram models in a generic format, adjust font sizes in box & whisker charts and automatically position the legend in model validation plots to avoid overlap.