Supervisor v8.8.2 – minor release highlights

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The latest version of Snowden’s Geostatistical software, Supervisor, is now available. Version 8.8.2 is a minor release containing several user-requested enhancements, including the ability to export multiple variogram models in a generic format, adjust font sizes in box & whisker charts and automatically position the legend in model validation plots to avoid overlap.

4 reasons to consider bespoke software solutions

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A common misconception is that bespoke development requires a huge investment and takes years to develop. With Snowden’s agile approach and a library of developed modules to draw upon, this perception couldn’t be further from the truth, a bespoke solution could end up providing major benefits for your company. This article provides four reasons why you may want to look into a bespoke solution next time you are considering a new system.

Five Feasibility Study time and budget wasters

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The success of a Feasibility Study can be affected by many things but over the years we have seen many owner-controlled decisions that have had significant time and cost impacts. This article provides a short list of some of the important ones to help you avoid making the same mistakes.