Using Microsoft Access as an affordable drill-hole database solution

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Every mining company needs to collect a range of geological and related drill-hole information, but many tools for collection, storing and analysing this data can be expensive. This can make it difficult for companies to justify the expenditure during these current economic times. Snowden has applied years of client project experience to build cost effective ways to still allow clients to get the most from their data via customised drill-hole databases using Microsoft Access.

Snowden Support Program

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At Snowden, we have developed the Snowden Support Program* aimed at assisting unemployed professionals to stay active in the industry, gain technical skills and maintain professional development by accessing affordable education and software.

Haulage Automator

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Haulage Automator automatically generates haulage profiles for a given schedule. It is comparable to the strings produced through manual design, but without the need for manual design. The tool automatically generates period advance surfaces, and then generates a haulage string for each source-destination combination in the period.

Stage Automator

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Stage Automator takes the inventory within a shell and an ordered string file from the mine planner to code stages into the block model, ensuring practical mining stages.

Product Optimisor

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Several of our recent projects required blending multiple elements simultaneously to produce a saleable product quality. The ability to maximise the amount of saleable product from the resource was of utmost importance to the project economics; after all, this sets the revenue generation capacity.