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The opening line of a 2005 paper by our former CEO and reconciliation thought-leader, Craig Morley. He did have a way with words.

Reconciliation is a bit like sex. Everyone thinks about it, many talk about it, most people do it, but only a select few ever arrive at the point where the results are remarkable. However, this does not need to be the case. Significant results can be achieved at most operations within one year of putting a system in place. (Morley and Moller 2005).

It is still true today. Often mine reconciliation is completed as a once-a-month task to simply produce reports for upper management. Too rarely, it is used to systematically drive continuous improvement activities. And this is because it is not often contained in a single system with real time data. More typically, data is drawn manually from a number of distinct source systems and spreadsheets, making near-real time problem identification and resolution near-impossible.

Implementing a mine reconciliation system, designed specifically to drill down to root causes of variation, and prompting areas for improvement is a great step towards continuous improvement. The time spent on the creation of a large number of reports can be diverted into understanding the overall operation, making important business decisions, and bedding down changes to improve your operations.

Reconcilor has been designed specifically for the purpose of giving you your time back to focus on adding value to your operation. The standard metrics provide a consistent terminology to support effective communication and the inbuilt guidance embeds our reconciliation domain knowledge in your team, out of the box.

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