The Continuum – A standard set of metrics for reconciliation

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At Snowden, we have put a lot of thought into best-practice for mine reconciliation. Over 15 years ago we identified this as an area which could benefit from a specialised system, and developed Reconcilor. Ever since we have been refining the approach to best deliver value for our clients. One of the most important advances was the development of the “Continuum”.

The Continuum is a standard way of viewing the mining value chain. This is how it looks in Reconcilor.

Reconcilor Continuum - Mine Value Chain

As we have found, while all mines believe they are special (and they are), the model above works in every case we have encountered. The development of a standard model of the mining value chain enables:

  1. Clear communication between departments on site and across multiple mines in different geographical locations. For large organisations, performance can be compared on an “apples for apples” basis.
  2. Generation of a standard set of comparisons that can be used for governance reporting and to isolate core issues.

Embedding and understanding the key comparison points across your operation will drive the standard for reconciliation.

Key Points of the Continuum

Each comparison can have its own best-practice approach, which we embed with our in-built guidance feature. It translates to consistent understanding and therefore less confusion when investigating issues. Knowing ‘why’ is very important and adds value immediately.

In-built guidance feature of Reconcilor

If you are interested in implementing best practice reconciliation at your operation, visit our Reconcilor page for more information, or contact us at  to arrange to speak to our reconciliation experts or arrange a demonstration.

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