Can your mine answer these questions with confidence?

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When you consider your mine do you know the answers to the following questions?

  • How much of the Resource is converted to Reserve?
  • How much dilution is there in the Reserve?
  • How do the Mining model results compare to the mine plan?
  • How much of the Reserve is included in the mine plan?
  • How does the material reported by survey as being mined compare with:
    • Mining model,
    • dispatch, and
    • mine plan?
  • How does the Mining model compare to what dispatch says was actually dug?
  • How do the design and model predictions of what would be sent to the plant compare to the metal actually produced?
  • How does the ore material delivered to the plant compare with what the plant said it received?
  • How does the original Resource compare to the metal actually produced?
  • How does the original Reserve compare to the metal actually produced?
  • How does the calculated plant feed grade compare to the Mining model prediction?

Simple questions which often have complicated answers when based on anecdotes and intuition.

If you can confidently answer all of these questions, the chances are that you have already implemented a reconciliation system. If you struggle for some or all the questions, you could greatly benefit from the implementation of a reconciliation system.

The ability to answer these questions with confidence (i.e. supported by good quality data and analysis) gives you a great platform to support continuous improvement, because you understand where you are under-performing (or over-performing). This gives you the potential to address any risks, or further exploit opportunities by adjusting your processes or planning parameters.

Don’t rely on intuition (or luck) alone to drive your improvement. Only when you understand, can you control and then optimise.

Reconcilor provides you with a battle-hardened, flexible reconciliation system which works with all the major plant, dispatch and mine planning systems to support you on your path to continuous improvement.

Visit our Reconcilor page for more information, or contact us at to arrange to speak to our reconciliation experts or arrange a demonstration.

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