4 reasons to consider bespoke software solutions

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Whilst off the shelf software is generally cheaper than bespoke (also referred to as customised or tailor-made) solutions it does not always meet expectations. It will either force you to change your process, or make compromises that reduce business efficiency or outcomes.  Arguably the most common reason for implementing a new software solution is to increase efficiency and reduce costs by automating repetitive and/or time-consuming tasks.  Next time you are looking to invest in a new system you may want to consider a bespoke solution for the following reasons:

  1. You are in control – the functionality and workflow is matched to your specific requirements and processes.  You decide on what updates and enhancements are made and when.
  2. Future proof –  it is more flexible in that it can be easily modified over time to take into consideration your plans for the future and changing business requirements.
  3. Harness the value in integration across disparate systems – don’t underestimate the productivity gains that can be made by interfacing with other software used in your business.
  4. Competitive advantage – software that works exactly how you need it to work results in increased efficiency and productivity providing a significant advantage over competitors who are using off the shelf systems that may do 80-90% of what they need it to do but then spend the remaining 10-20% of the time completing tasks manually and fixing the resulting errors.

A common misconception is that bespoke development requires a huge investment and takes years to develop. With Snowden’s agile approach and a library of developed modules to draw upon, this perception couldn’t be further from the truth, a bespoke solution could end up providing major benefits for your company.

Over the years, Snowden has developed a number of these solutions, for mining companies all over the world. Those same solutions are still in operation over a decade later. You have a unique need and we can help.  Click here for more information or contact us at snowden@snowdengroup.com to discuss how we can assist you.

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