Valuation of Mineral Property and Projects


Understanding valuation methodologies and techniques used in the mining industry


This 1-day course presents valuation methodologies and techniques applicable to perform relevant and accurate valuation of an organisation or project in the mining industry - for the purpose of investment, acquisition, strategic planning, project implementation, interpretation and assessments.

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Course Content

The following topics will be covered: Purpose, Principles and Valuation Techniques


  • Terminology and concept of value and valuation principles
  • Methods of valuation
  • Historical cost analysis
  • Determining valuation ranges with market comparative assessments
  • Considerations and interpretation of DCF analyses
  • Investment return parameters and financial ratios
  • Discount rate selection and deriving a weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
  • Current issues in the various Valuation Codes
  • Introduction to decision-making methodologies

Outcomes of Valuation

  • Gaining insight, expertise and in-depth knowledge on various methods of valuation
  • Analysing and auditing historical and projected financial statements
  • Interpretation of valuation skills through decision-making options
  • Understanding industry, country and market research on commodities
  • Knowledge of the global Valuation Codes as well as procedural and reporting aspects of valuations
  • Generate and support business case
  • Reviewing company information
  • Establishing and maintaining quality client
Course Length (Days)

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