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At Snowden, our Mining Planning group thrives on quickly solving complex problems. Because each project is unique, we often develop our own tools to get the best bottom-line outcome for our clients’ projects. We do this by leveraging our diverse range of skills, experience and perspectives as mining engineers, mathematicians and software developers.

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The Project Management Corner Series: A simple project planning method May 17, 2018 - Part 4 of our Project Management series presents a simple method for planning your projects. Although first published in 2011, this article provides a number of helpful tips that can still be applied to projects today. 
The Project Management Corner Series: When is planning done? May 10, 2018 - Part 3 of our Project Management series, first published by Snowden in 2011, looks at the importance of timing in project planning and knowing what should be done when.


Mine Planning

A good mine plan can be the difference between a successful and failed project development opportunity. Therefore a good understanding of project economics is an essential part of the project strategy, design and schedule. Our team of experienced consultants can help you find the right balance of practical solutions, with value-added opportunities maximised by optimising the timing of cash flows. We have experience across most commodities, regions and mining methods.

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Evaluator Strategic Planning Framework

In-house Optimisation Tools

While we use most commercially available software packages, we have also developed a number of custom in-house packages to help generate better mine plans faster. Below are a selection of these tools, and we continue to innovate constantly with new tools. Feel free to contact us if you have a unique mine plan optimisation problem.


Global strategy optimisation for mining businesses.

Evaluator optimises the schedule for a business with multiple mining, stockpiling, process routes and products. Global optimisation simultaneously considers many complex constraints, such as the availability of capital, timing of waste stripping and backfilling, equipment and infrastructure capacity, product grade and contaminant specifications, stockpiling and blending requirements, and the impact of fixed and variable costs to find the best schedule over the entire life of project.

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