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The past few years have been characterised by failed mining investments. This is can be due to bad luck, optimistic valuations and/or unidentified fatal flaws. Some of these issues can be addressed through quality review by experienced technical aspects, and embedding best practice process within your organisation.

Snowden consultants are trained to understand your situation and advise you in supporting your investment decisions. We have geologists, mining engineers, metallurgists and corporate specialists to cover the technical spectrum.

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The Project Management Corner Series: A simple project planning method May 17, 2018 - Part 4 of our Project Management series presents a simple method for planning your projects. Although first published in 2011, this article provides a number of helpful tips that can still be applied to projects today. 
The Project Management Corner Series: When is planning done? May 10, 2018 - Part 3 of our Project Management series, first published by Snowden in 2011, looks at the importance of timing in project planning and knowing what should be done when.

Technical Due Diligence

In our experience there are many failed investments and project write-downs that could have been avoided through appropriate due diligence. Often these failures come as a result of not understanding inherent technical complexity and risks within the project prior to acquisition.

We can help you to mitigate the risk of pouring cash into a mining project that does not stack up. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts have learnt to quickly identify the key issues and advise you on how best to deal with them. We not only identify problems with your potential investment or sale but also identify opportunities for improvement.

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