About Us

Over 30 years ago a husband and wife team started a small business in Perth, Western Australia, to provide geological consulting Services to the local mining industry. Today that business has grown into a premium consulting group with a global footprint and a reputation for delivering high quality services across the mining life cycle, with the same personal touch and values on which Phil and Viv Snowden founded the business.

Of course, in addition to its founders, Snowden owes much to the many staff and clients that have shaped the business over the years. Staff, both past and present, have added their own personal character and technical expertise to the company’s culture and expanding service offerings. Our clients have provided exciting and diverse challenges and projects, with Snowden working alongside them to achieve their goals.

Our Business

We are a mining consultancy and software business that supports mining companies and their investors in evaluating new mines, improving the performance of existing operations and complying with regulatory requirements.

We were established in 1987 and have grown to a business with 60 employees located in Perth, Brisbane, and Johannesburg. We have strong capability in resource geology, mine planning, corporate advisory, data management, software development and project management. We deliver the advice to support the industry, the software to embed best practice, and train the industry to do things better. We are a member of the Downer group.

Our brand is founded on four pillars