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Systems to improve your operation’s productivity

Snowden has developed a number of world-class enterprise level software solutions in Reconciliation (Reconcilor), production management (MiiNT) and Resource and Resource reporting (Regulator). These solutions have been developed such that they only require configuration (rather than customisation), drastically reducing implementation time and cost, and delivering rapid return on investment.

Scoping studies

Snowden can visit your site to understanding your needs and identify is the proposed solution is a good fit, and what is required to make it a success.

System configuration

Snowden will configure your solution based on your business needs, to ensure that it will provide the outcomes you require.


Snowden will provide onsite or remote training to your users to ensure that system is used to its full potential.

Ongoing assistance

Snowden is able to provide an ongoing service to ensure you are using the system effectively, and that best practice is continually developed in your team.

Our differentiators

domain expertise

Snowden provide technology experts, as well as domain expertise in geology and mining to ensure that any data management solution considers your business needs.


Snowden has implemented these solutions for some of the largest mining businesses in the world.

Global coverage

With assistance from our global partners we can cover a wide range of locations, from Australia, North America, South America and Africa.

Rapid deployment

The simple, yet sophisticated design of our products, means that a system can be configured very quickly.

Our Clients