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Systems to suit your needs

Sometimes off the shelf software does not give you what you need. It will either force you to change your process, or make compromises that reduce business efficiency or outcomes. Snowden has the skills to develop a solution which meets your needs exactly, without the need to compromise. Over the years, Snowden has developed a number of these solutions, for some of the largest mining companies in the world. Those same solutions are still in operation over a decade later. All of our mining software has been derived from what were originally bespoke solutions. It is the source of our innovation. You have a unique need and we can help.


Snowden can look at your business needs and quickly provide you with a Proof of Concept, to de-risk your investment decision.


Snowden is experienced in integrating with your various data sources and systems, to ensure your new system works seamlessly in your technology environment.

User experience

Our platform comes with the latest technology and user experience. We care about how you will use the software, so you can get maximum benefit.

Our differentiators

Domain expertise

Snowden provide technology experts, as well as domain expertise in geology and mining to ensure that any data management solution considers your business needs


Snowden has implemented bespoke solutions for some of the largest mining businesses in the world.

Rapid development

Our cloud platform provides a base for all our bespoke software. Your solution has already been partially made. We just need to add your business logic.

Latest technology

All our solutions are now built on the latest technology available, preparing your business for the future.

Our clients