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Securing your valuable information assets

Snowden has developed and continues to support many client’s data capture, validation, reporting and analysis systems in exploration and mine operations. These include everything from robust drill hole data capture through to equipment performance and tracking operational costs against budget.

Data capture

Snowden can assist with capturing your data, including mobile technologies.

Data storage

Snowden can help set up a fit-for-purpose database solution to store and protect your data.

Data validation

Snowden can set up data validation rules to ensure only poor quality data is identified and addressed before it is wrongly used for business decision making.

Our differentiators

Domain expertise

Snowden provide technology experts, as well as domain expertise in geology and mining to ensure that any data management solution considers your business needs.

Vendor agnostic

Snowden is able to apply a solution which will fit your budget and your needs. We have skills across a number of database suppliers and will not force you down one avenue.


Snowden has developed database solutions for some of the largest mining businesses in the world.

Microsoft accreditation

As a Microsoft Gold Partnership member for over 10 years we maintain a number of certifications on the Microsoft technology stack.

AcQuire Accreditation

Snowden is pleased to announce that we have signed on to acQuire’s Nova Network Partnership program. Being a member of the program provides current and potential customers of acQuire’s Geoscience Information Management (GIM) solution the assurance that our consultants are trusted and certified on the technology.

Our Clients