Snowden Support Program

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Aimed at assisting unemployed professionals to stay active in the industry, gain technical skills and maintain professional development by accessing affordable education and software.

Haulage Automator – Rapid Generation of Haulage Profiles

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Haulage Automator automatically generates haulage profiles for a given schedule. It is comparable to the strings produced through manual design, but without the need for manual design. The tool automatically generates period advance surfaces, and then generates a haulage string for each source-destination combination in the period.

Finding a 58% improvement in mining productivity using Theory of Constraints

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This article provides a case study of how TOC to drive operational improvement of a large underground mining complex. Our case study project comprises feed from both a large open pit mine and large underground mine. The underground material is of a substantially higher grade than the open pit material. Because of this the operations preference is to process as much of the underground material as possible, which in turn puts a lot of pressure on the underground operation to generate as much ore as possible .

You get out what you put in

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Reconcilor 8 Mine Planning Data Issues
Establishing a robust data health and validation process is a key component to producing a high quality report, instilling confidence in results presented to management and shareholders.

Prior to evaluating a model or mine plans performance against actual material mined or produced, it is imperative that all data has been validated and “speaking the same language”, comprising a standard location hierarchy adopted across departments.