Value engineering: more than just cost cutting

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Some think that value engineering is just about cutting costs but often there is the ability to maximise revenue or reduce risk by employing smart mine planning and modelling. This article looks at a few areas where opportunities for improvement can be found using smart mining techniques.

Eight questions you must answer in a mining Due Diligence process

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An investment to purchase another mining project, operation or company is a make or break item for mining executives and investors. Buyer’s remorse has led to the demise of many a CEO or MD. Of course, hindsight is a great thing to have, but could such mistakes have been avoided with proper Due Diligence prior to the investment decision? Every … Read More

Supervisor 8.5 – Cross Validation


Cross validation is a technique for validating variograms and optimising estimation parameters. Supervisor V8.5 offers a new cross validation tool that is easy to insert and quick to implement.

Using Microsoft Access as an affordable drill-hole database solution

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Every mining company needs to collect a range of geological and related drill-hole information, but many tools for collection, storing and analysing this data can be expensive. This can make it difficult for companies to justify the expenditure during these current economic times. Snowden has applied years of client project experience to build cost effective ways to still allow clients to get the most from their data via customised drill-hole databases using Microsoft Access.