Supervisor 8.7 – Multi-block kriging neighbourhood analysis

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Optimise block size and estimation parameters with an interactive and simple to use KNA interface to ensure a better quality estimate and reduce conditional bias (oversmoothing). KNA tests various block sizes, number of samples, search parameters and discretisation to ensure conditional bias is minimised. The latest release will allow you to assess the variability of the KNA results throughout all blocks in a domain.

Snowden joins the collaboration

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Snowden is pleased to announce its involvement in an innovative project to bring the world’s leading mining consultants and technology vendors together under one collaboration, the Mining Internet of Things or MiningIoT.

A History of Snowden Technologies


Snowden Perth Office

With all of the exciting developments in our technologies division in recent times, we thought it would be interesting to share how and why a mining consultancy became involved in the software field.

Snowden joins acQuire’s Nova Network Partnership program


Snowden is pleased to announce that we have joined the Nova Network Partnership program of acQuire. The Nova Network delivers high-quality Geoscientific Information Management (GIM) consulting services to acQuire’s customers and the wider natural resources industry.

Trends in lithium project transactions

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At Snowden we are currently experiencing increased interest in lithium exploration and exploitation. Research on the subject has brought out some interesting trends that may have important implications for exploitation of this metal.

Where is the next wave of productivity improvement coming from?

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So, you have cut costs where you can. But is this enough? Shareholders and boards are still asking for more and each win tends to come with more effort and less immediate return. Here, we try to provide you with some ideas of where to look for the next big jump in your productivity. The solutions can be obvious and yet difficult to find.