Revolutionise your data analysis

Snowden, in partnership with Microsoft, is proud to announce the November 2016 launch of our latest technology offering, Neuroverse. Set to revolutionise the way you visualise and extract value from your data, Neuroverse heralds Snowden’s ongoing commitment to deliver the best in technology solutions to the industry.

Neuroverse is a software platform built upon the cutting edge cloud services offered through Microsoft’s Azure. The partnership enables the rapid implementation of Internet of Things solutions, ingesting data in real time from connected devices and traditional data sources alike. The result is powerful visualisations and guidance that assist you in making the right decisions.

Neuroverse delivers high-tech, cloud-based web-applications which leverage the deep technical mining knowledge of the Snowden team, and partners this with the power of scalable cloud computing making access to our dedicated SnApps (Snowden Apps) an incredibly simple process.

Its value is not limited to the mining industry either. Boasting advanced analytics, visualisation and machine learning, Neuroverse delivers solutions that are easy to use, highly accessible and scalable to manage all operational needs. Fully featured on any device, Neuroverse empowers you to make strategic decisions quickly from your desk or in the field, harnessing the value in integration across disparate systems that are commonplace in today’s corporate landscape.


Analytics Screen


The Neuroverse Analysor is the gateway to explore your data, with full control. Providing you with the business intelligence tools you require, Analysor lets you explore and display your data, create visualisations and share the results of your analysis. It features components to chart and tabulate data, define trends, or even capture custom annotations. Performing analytics then becomes a simple and straightforward exercise, leaving you with the clarity you need to apply any learnings.

Visualisor Screen


The Neuroverse Visualisor allows you to render your data in 3D, without the need for specialist hardware or expert knowledge, from the familiarity of your favourite web browser. Complete with a powerful set of visualisation tools, interrogating the spatial distribution of your data is a simple task which can be performed on your PC, laptop, or mobile device.

Optimisation and Transformation Screen

Optimisation & Transformation

The power to transform data and provide optimised results has always been a strength in Snowden’s technology solutions. With Neuroverse, these solutions are made available through our apps, or SnApps. These innovative solutions drive value into your operations whether the focus is analysing fixed plant equipment, infrastructure, your mobile fleet or simply your data. SnApps are designed to improve the way you complete routine and complex tasks.


  • Fully hosted and secure cloud platform giving you easy access and full control of your data
  • Achieving ISO 27001 certification
  • Drive insight and solutions into your data, your assets, your operations
  • Explore the wealth in your data more effectively
  • Capture and utilise your knowledge to improve your operation

Neuroverse Apps Screen