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These workshops have been especially designed for technical staff and managers within mining companies, and investors requiring detailed technical knowledge. The objective is to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge of current industry best practice.

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Managing Mine Contracts

The principles behind successful drafting and management of mining industry contracts.
This 2-day course will give you: an understanding of different contract types and their structure, the tendering process, an understanding of the principles of contract negotiation and management and dispute resolution.

Open Pit Mine Planning

Understanding mine planning processes.
This 2-day course presents basic open pit planning considerations; including technical design and optimisation to scheduling concept. You will gain: an understanding of the mine planning process, from optimisation to scheduling; an understanding of the challenge of optimising mine schedules; and advice on open pit mine design.

Understanding The Drill and Blast Process

The mechanics of drill and blast design
This 1-day course explains the mechanics of drill and blast design; with a focus on the fundamental importance of effective blasting for mine economics. You will gain: an understanding of explosive and rockbreaking theory, an insight into correct explosive selection and safe blasting practices, the “mine to mill” blasting for best practice.

Whittle Optimisation and Strategic Planning

Giving delegates the skills needed to optimise resource models for open pit mining projects.
This 3-day course focused on the use of the software as a strategic mine planning tool. Please bring your own data to work on, so that individualised guidance and assistance can be given.