Getting the Price Right

When buying or selling a mining asset it is important to get the price right. This requires an understanding of the resource, technical aspects of extracting valuable ore and prevailing market conditions.

Snowden brings together a multi-disciplinary team who understand the technical issues and the latest in valuation methodologies to help you get the best indication of asset value, complying with all the major valuation codes, such as Valmin and Samval.

Discounted cash flow analysis

Snowden is highly skilled in discounted cash flow modelling and analysis, as well as assessing the reasonableness of inputs.

Comparable market transactions

Snowden has an extensive database of transactions, and can assess relevant transactions against the unique characteristics of your project, to deliver a range of project values.

Our differentiators


Snowden valuations have stood up to global scrutiny over many years, and are well respected by lenders and regulators.


Many of our consultants are also Competent/Qualified Persons and can sign public resource and reserve statements for all major stock exchanges and across the main reporting codes.