Moving Your Mining Project Forward

The quality of the management of a Feasibility Study can greatly influence the ultimate success, timing, and cost of the project. A well run study process identifies important issues (both risks and opportunities) and prioritises activities accordingly. The correct prioritisation can greatly cut down on the timeline and budget whilst identifying the project strategy with the best chance of success. Through many years of completing and managing Feasibility Studies, Snowden brings a wealth of knowledge to your project.

Subcontractor management

Snowden routinely manages its own consultants and sub-contractors. We can either use our own partner companies or sub-contractors of your choosing.

Owner’s representation

Snowden are available to work as part of your owner’s team to ensure the project is appropriately directed.

Document compilation

Snowden are able to compile reports from cross-disciplinary consultants into a single cohesive branded document. We can compile to NI43-101 technical report format, or an agreed format based on our combined expertise.

Risk assessment

Snowden are trained in facilitating risk workshops and maintaining a risk register.

Value engineering

Snowden have extensive skills in value engineering and optimisation of mining projects to extract maximum value.

Our differentiators


Snowden reports have stood up to global scrutiny over many years, and are well respected by lenders and regulators.


Many of our consultants are also Competent/Qualified Persons and can sign public resource and reserve statements for all major stock exchanges and across the main reporting codes.

Multi-disciplinary teams

Snowden produces experts across all major disciplines to ensure that all risks, issues and opportunities are identified.

Our cases

We are focused on the economic outcomes for the mining study and how best to achieve those at the least cost. Our experience in completing these studies over many years has provided us with significant learnings that are passed on to our clients through improved outcomes or shorter timeframes. We are able to put together multi-disciplinary teams covering the whole mining value chain. This enables us to break down the silos that often inhibit the value of mining projects during exploration and planning. We test assumptions from a global, rather than local perspective.

Syrah Resources

Feasibility Study for a graphite operation located in northern Mozambique.


Mt Peake
Definitive Feasibility Study for vanadium-titanium iron project in the Northern Territory, Australia.

Horizonte Minerals

NI 43-101 compliant pre-feasibility study for nickel laterite project in northern Brazil.