Robust Technical Investment Advice

In our experience there are many failed investments and project write-downs that could have been avoided through appropriate due diligence. Often these failures come as a result of not understanding inherent technical complexity and risks within the project prior to acquisition.

At Snowden we help our clients mitigate the risk of pouring cash into a mining project that does not stack up. Our mining consultants have the technical expertise and economic know-how to help them understand what is in the ground, the risks in extracting the resource and how to maximise the probability of project success. We also help our clients assure their investors and shareholders that they have confidence in their resource.

Through many years of experience Snowden’s multi-disciplinary team of experts have learnt to quickly identify the key issues and advise you on how best to deal with them. We can not only identify problems with your potential investment or sale but also identify opportunities for improvement.

Technical Due Diligence

Snowden can help to identify the techno-economic risks and flaws in a project to ensure that you do not make a poor investment decision.

Independent Technical Report (ITR)

When acquiring Minerals Assets, Snowden’s ITRs provide a thorough technical understanding of the asset and the risks and opportunities associated with the potential acquisition.

Competent Persons Report (CPR)

Snowden’s professionals are specialists who can assess or value Mineral Assets and prepare Public Reports and technical Assessments for all major jurisdictions such as JORC and VALMIN (Australia); CIM and NI 43 101 (Canada), SEC (USA) and SAMREC and SAMVAL (South Africa).


Snowden can assist lenders in ensuring that the construction of mining projects is on track in terms of schedule and budget.

Our differentiators


Snowden reports have stood up to global scrutiny over many years, and are well respected by lenders and regulators.


Many of our consultants are also Competent/Qualified Persons and can sign public resource and reserve statements for all major stock exchanges and across the main reporting codes.

Multi-disciplinary teams

Snowden produces experts across all major disciplines to ensure that all risks, issues and opportunities are identified.

Our reports

Over the years Snowden has completed many hundreds of compliant reports and valuations. Due to confidentiality we are unable to list many of our projects but here are some of the ones we can share with you.

Sibanye Gold

Rustenburg Operations
Competent Persons Review to support Sibayne’s purchase of PGE operation in South Africa.

Papillon Resources

Independant Technical Specialist’s Report to support proposed merger by scheme of arrangement between Papillon Resources Limited and B2Gold Corp.

Coalspur Mines

Independent Technical Report of coal project located in Canada.

Syrah Resources

Jacana Minerals
Competent Persons report and independent assessment of the geology, exploration data and exploration potential of multiple exploration properties.